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Le CRTC publie de nouvelles politiques pour le système canadien de radiodiffusion : Préparer l’avenir numérique

Une première réaction, celle de Friends of Canadian Boradcasting qui se réjouit : « CRTC stands up for viewers against big cable »

The CRTC has rejected most of the cable industry’s demands for greater powers to decide what’s on TV in a decision that protects viewers and Canadian programming, according to the broadcast watchdog Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

"The CRTC has listened to advice that the cable monopolies and satellite companies are too powerful to be allowed even more discretion to control what’s on TV," said FRIENDS spokesperson Ian Morrison.

The Commission has recognized that viewers value the conventional broadcasters and the local and news programs they produce, calling these services "the cornerstone of the Canadian broadcasting system."

In recognition of this and because the conventional broadcasters are under severe financial pressures, especially in smaller centres, the decision today introduces a welcome boost for local programming.

The Local Program Improvement Fund will be financed by a new contribution from cable and satellite companies equal to 1% of gross revenues and is expected to generate $60 million at the outset. The existing 5% cable and satellite contribution toward Canadian programming has been maintained.

"This is a good first step and it is noteworthy that the Commission has observed that it expects cable to not pass this cost on to subscribers," Morrison said.

Today’s CRTC decision affirms several policies that are designed to ensure Canadian viewers continue to enjoy a wide diversity of program choices that include Canadian programming offered by smaller independent broadcasters.

"The Commission has delivered a balanced decision that is good for viewers and Canadian broadcasting," Morrison concluded.

[30-10-2008 13:14]